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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Broadly speaking, counselling is about specific problems that can be addressed directly and thought about, whereas psychotherapy is about how we manage difficult and distressing states of mind.

Sometimes counselling about something specific will merge into psychotherapy, and psychotherapy often includes counselling. These two broad approaches are not mutually exclusive; counselling can have a therapeutic effect, and psychotherapy often addresses specific problems as they arise.

The main aim of an initial consultation is to gain an understanding of the nature of the difficulties that a client is facing. Sometimes a 'problem solving' approach is required, and at other times, a deeper exploration of emotional issues is needed; sometimes both.

Initial Consultation

The aim of the initial consultation is to gain an understanding of your problems in some depth, so that the most appropriate help can be offered.

Many people find the consultation session itself to be very useful. Towards the end of this session we discuss the most suitable options.

You can email me here to arrange an initial consultation.

You can also send me a short text message on 07767 808750 and I will message or call you back.

My fees depend on the sort of services required.

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